Having a problem or do you need just a little bit of help and support? Below are the different ways that you can get help and support for the Glass.Mapper project. 

We can help?

欧美人与禽交片mp4Do you need help implementing Glass.Mapper?  Maybe you have a bug that you just can't solve? We can help you tackle and solve these issues.

We offer paid on-demand support and consultation via email and Skype. Below are examples of the areas we can help you with:

  • Diagnosing and solving issues with the Glass.Mapper.Sc framework.
  • Developing Glass.Mapper.Sc customisations and features.
  • Advising on how to implement Glass.Mapper.Sc and Sitecore solutions in general.
  • Training and Consultancy on how to get the most from your Sitecore solution.
  • Sitecore Architecture advice and guidance. 
  • A second pair of eyes on those difficult to diagnose bugs.

To find out more email us at hello@someke.com.


Glass.Mapper.Sc Training.

The Glass.Mapper.Sc training course will provide you with this knowledge and students will finish the course understanding how Glass.Mapper.Sc works and how they can make use of it in their day-to-day work.

欧美人与禽交片mp4The Glass.Mapper.Sc training course if a self-paced online course with tests and a certificate of completion for students who pass.

To find out more about the training course visit the Training page.


Reach out to the community.

Glass.Mapper and Sitecore have a great community of individuals who are happy to share their knowledge about both.

Reaching out to the community is a great way to solve many problems and also make some new friends.

欧美人与禽交片mp4For more information on the community see our community page.


Contribute to the Project.

If you love using Glass.Mapper.Sc and want to help make it better then why not contribute to the project.

欧美人与禽交片mp4We love to receive bug fixes, ideas and new features from the community.

欧美人与禽交片mp4Visit the contribute page to found out more.