Version 5

Glass.Mapper.Sc version 5 supports the following Sitecore versions:

Sitecore version    Nuget Package Name
9.3 Glass.Mapper.Sc.93  
9.2 Glass.Mapper.Sc.92
9.1 Glass.Mapper.Sc.91
9.0 Glass.Mapper.Sc.90
8.2 Glass.Mapper.Sc.82
8.1 Glass.Mapper.Sc.81
8.0 Glass.Mapper.Sc.80


Information on the changes from V4 to V5 can be found on the page UpgradingToV5

Version 4

欧美人与禽交片mp4The tables below show you which versions of Sitecore and ASP.NET MVC Glass.Mapper.Sc version 4 is compatible with.

欧美人与禽交片mp4The tables also details the folder that contains the appropriate DLL's within the Glass.Mapper.Sc.Core Nuget package. You do not need to manually add these references yourselves, this will be set when the Nuget package is installed but are provided here for reference.


Glass.Mapper.Sc version 4 supports the following Sitecore versions:

Sitecore version    Folder
7.0 /lib/70
7.1 /lib/71
7.2 /lib/72
7.5 /lib/75
8.0 /lib/80
8.1 /lib/81
8.2 /lib/100
9.0 /lib/111

We only create releases for Major and Minor release number changes and not Sitecore Update releases. 

Glass.Mapper.Sc.Mvc supports the following ASP.NET MVC versions:

MVC version    Folder
3 /lib/Mvc3
4 /lib/Mvc4
5 /lib/Mvc5
5.1 /lib/Mvc51
5.2 /lib/Mvc52

Before installing Glass.Mapper.Sc ensure that your project references the correct version of Sitecore.Kernel.dll and System.Web.Mvc.dll欧美人与禽交片mp4. The Glass install process will check the version number of these references to determine which Glass.Mapper.Sc assembly to reference.